Legal Warn

Legal Warn

Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions described next regulate the access and use of the site Consenting and using this site you are accepting without limitation the clauses below exposed.

General clause

Mundializa provides to its users and clients information services, products and services that it distributes and of the allied companies with those that works, as well, besides facilitating information on the opportunities of development professional in its environment. Mundializa doesn't have knowledge if the sites that you can access through its services have a content contrary to any international law or rule settled down by the responsible organisms of looking after the right and for the relative norms to Internet; Mundializa is not responsible also if any of these web sites infringe the moral and the public order or the international habit, intellectual rights, industrial property or contain any bad habit, defect, computer virus or routine of similar software. In case some of those facts arrive to the knowledge, Mundializa will eliminate the site, file or software as soon as it becomes known and reasoned knowledge.

About the Contents
1. All the present elements in Mundializa, such as texts, images, graphics, audio and video, graphic design and software, among other (in the group denominated CONTENT), are exclusive property of Mundializa or of the Allied companies, being subject to rights of intellectual and industrial property and protected by the national and international legislation.

About the rights of intellectual and industrial property
2.- The access to this web site doesn't imply any renouncement type, total or partial transmission or surrender of intellectual rights and industrial property.

About the users
3.- The user, except when there is a previous and expressed authorization of Mundializa, commits to use the CONTENT of this web site exclusively for personal necessities and use, being absolutely forbidden to use for public or commercial purposes, distribution, modification, alteration, transmission, reshipment or shareware.

4.- it is granted a license non sole right, gratuitous and personnel to use, to copy, to print and even to transfer the CONTENT to the terminal (download), provided it is for personal use and without any commercial purpose.

5.- The user assumes exclusive responsibility expressly on the consequences, damages or actions that could be derived from the access to the CONTENT of this Page Web, as well as his reproduction or diffusion, with or without the legitimate proprietor's due authorization.

6.- Mundializa doesn't take the responsibility for the use that USERS can make of the available materials in this web site if it infringes the rights of third parts that don't belong or be related with Mundializa.

7.- The user will maintain harmless in all moment Mundializa against any kind of legal sue action, judicial or extra judicial, presented as consequence of an inappropriate, illegitimate or illicit use of the CONTENT by the user or other person involved.

8.- It is forbidden the data transmission that USERS can make to this web site or other accesses controlled by Mundializa whose content is threatening, scandalous, obscene, pornographic. It is also forbidden the transmission of any other material that incites or constitute a behavior that can be considered a penal offense.

About the national and international responsibilities and international cooperation
9.- Mundializa doesn't assume responsibility for the content of any forum or debate in the cyberspace (chat), bulletins or any type of transmissions linked to this site and will cooperate with the pertinent authorities, whenever be required to identify people responsible for those contents that infringe the law.

About the responsibilities unaware to the company
10.- In any case Mundializa will be held responsible for the losses or damages of any type caused by the access and the use of the site, as, for example, if the host computer of the site contains computer virus or any other type of harmful component.

About the mark rights
11.- The marks in generic sense contained in this site are protected by the Law. The wrong use of the mentioned marks or of the general CONTENT of the site is absolutely forbidden, excepting the cases specifically foreseen under these terms and conditions.

About the changes in the CONTENTS
12.- Mundializa is reserved the right to make without previous warning modifications in its site that it considers opportune, included the present Terms and Conditions. Likewise, Mundializa is reserved the right of ceasing the gratuitous provision of all or part of the CONTENT of its web site. So, it is highly recommended that you periodically visit this site to check if any modification had taken place.

13.- For any question that could arise on the contents, activities, products and services of this site will be applied the Brazilian Legislation being equally competent the Brazilian Tribunals for any discrepancy that could arise on the interpretation and/or execution of the present terms and conditions.

14.- If for any reason a Committee or Tribunal declare the nullity or inefficiency of some part of these terms and conditions, the rest of the clauses will continue having full effects.

15.- Mundializa will pursue the non fulfillment of the previous terms and conditions as well as any undue use of its web site, exercising how many civil and penal actions can be moved.

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