Politics of Privacy

Politics of Privacy

Mundializa guarantees, through this warning, the privacy of on-line services of agreement with the legal demands. It also informs about its politics of protection of the personal character so that the Users can freely and voluntarily determine if they want to give us their personal data through the electronic form that connects with some documents of the Site.

Please, keep in mind that visiting and using Mundializa.com, it will be accepting the practices described in this Politics of Privacy.

Mundializa has adopted all levels of security and protection required legally for personal data. It has installed all the possible means and technical measures to avoid loss, wrong use, alteration, non authorized access and steal of any personal data.

Mundializa is reserved the right of modifying the present politics to adapt it to new rules or legal patterns and industry practices, as well. Certain services lent in the site can contain peculiar conditions with specific rules regarding protection of personal data. If the user agree to this warning on the Politics of Data Protection or to any other privacy relevant information, all personal data of the user will be automatic treated and incorporated in a file by Mundializa.

Except when it is indicated, the answers to the questions about personal data are voluntary. The collection and automated treatment of the personal data has as purpose the maintenance of the contractual relationship established with Mundializa: the administration, benefit, amplification and improvement of the services - which the User decides to subscribe or to adapt to the preferences and likes of the Users -, the study of the use of the services on the part of Users, the design of new services related with these, the shipment of services up to date, the shipment of technical, operative and commercial information about products and services offered by Mundializa by traditional or electronic means.

The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of the personal data includes the shipment of forms of surveys that the User is not forced to answer, as well. It is acknowledged the right of the Users to cancel or to rectificate the access and to be informed about the suspension of the services through the contact by electronic mail with Mundializa.

Mundializa uses cookies when an User navigates on the internet. Our cookies only associates an anonymous User to his/her computer and don't provide the name and last names of the User. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible that Mundializa recognizes the Users after the first register without the need to login to access exclusively areas and reserved services. To use the Site, it is not necessary that the User allows the installation of the cookies sent by Mundializa, although it is imprescidible that the User login to each one of the services which requires identification.

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