Internacional Business Consulting & Advisory Services

Corporate Social Responsibility, "Intelligent internationalization" & Design Thinking

The globalization impels companies to take maximum advantage of opportunities. In a near future, only the companies capable of identifying new values and technological standards will occupy an outstanding place in the market. More effective will be companies capable to provide the development of new lines of products and services, to define in a clear way the lines of businesses and to interrelate efficiently with clients.

Mundializa works to identify and articulate new business opportunities in the market, and define the most appropriate product and service strategies in each moment, identifying the organizational and process changes that enable the success of our clients.

Our services

  • Market research

  • Marketing plan development

  • Strategic plan development

  • Internationalization plan

  • Internationalization diagnosis

  • Commercial agendaCommercial partner search

  • Organization and participation in fairs and events.

  • Organization and participation in Business Rounds.

  • Organization and participation in Direct and Inverse Commercial Missions.

  • Document and business management.

  • Search for subsidies to support international promotion

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