International Trade Representation

International Marketing and Management: Representation, promotion and sales in Brazil and Spain


  1. International Marketing (Import & Export)
    Development of the internationalization plan, promotion of products and services, participation in the design of international trade policy, international liaison for customers: send samples, third-part negotiation, manage orders, among others.

  2. International Sales Management
    Service for companies that already have their own commercial department. Mundializa acts as support in sales management, contacting with companies in the markets defined by checking information and providing support to activities.

Other services

  • Document and business management.

  • Identify business partners.

  • Customer search, agents, distributors and partners.

  • Development of tasting and product promotion campaigns.

  • Business meetings.

  • Support and follow-up to participation in business meetings

  • Location of subsidies to support international promotion.

  • On-time services, by project, service or by determining time, market prospecting and / or customer visits;

  • Management, preparation and follow-up of international fairs

  • Identification of business partners

  • Customer Collection, representatives, distributors and partners

  • Business meeting

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